Facts You May Not Know About Working With A Buyers Agent

Dated: 01/15/2014

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Generally speaking it is the Seller who pays the entire commission out of the proceeds of the sale.  Do not fear going to an agent because of the commission, as it is not your responsibility.  You will, however, get the best advise from a Licensed Real Estate Agent familiar with the local communities.

A Buyers Agent will negotiate the best deal for you, having your best interest at heart.  Disclose all materials facts, keep Buyers information confidential, provide Buyer with sufficient information to purchase a home, pull comparables to make sure the right offer is presented and find out the history of the property.  So basically, exactly negotiate on the Buyers behalf and to just assure that the Buyer is protected and it is a smooth and stress-free transaction for all involved all the way to the closing table.
Let me ask you this?  If you are going into surgery, would you want a skilled surgeon performing the procedure or would you want Dr. Seuss performing it?  :)
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