How Important Is A Home Inspection

Dated: 10/13/2013

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Ask any professional agent if they have some crazy home inspection stories, and there is a chance you will get an ear full, but a home inspection is serious business. It's the buyer's opportunity to make sure that the house they're about to purchase doesn't hold any expensive surprises.

The sellers disclosure should be the first item reviewed when it comes to understanding the age of the mechanics, roof, etc but never should that be your last step.
Your typical home inspection includes a check of a house's structural and mechanical condition, from the roof to the foundation, as well as tests for the presence of radon gas and the detection of wood-destroying insects. Depending on the seriousness of what the inspection uncovers, the buyer may choose to pull additional specialists in for a more extensive look.
A buyer can walk away from the deal in the event of major flaws if contracted correctly, although more often the items are not serious enough to send them walking but instead we negotiate with the seller for the necessary repairs by filling out the Resolution of Unacceptable Conditions.
The bigger concern, is just like agents, not all home inspectors have the same amount of experience and knowledge. How do you pick the right home inspector? First, if your buyers agent has been in the industry for awhile then they will have long term relationships with a good inspector. If not or just to be sure, interview a few different inspectors, check the BBB, Angie's list or even google reviews.  And last, ask lots of questions during the inspection if there is anything you don't feel was covered well then get a second opinion!
Below are a few red flags that should send a buyer back to the negotiating table...
-Termites and other live-in pests.
-Major drainage issues.
-Presence of mold.
-Foundation problems.
-Worn-out roofing.
-Toxic materials
-Outdated wiring.
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