Lake Lotawana Ski Club Announces Their 2nd Annual 01K Fundraiser

Dated: 01/09/2014

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The Lake Lotawana Water Ski Club has been a community tradition for more than 50 years. 
Before you know it the ice will melt, temperatures will soar, and boats will be skimming across the water. 
The Ski Club provides local families, and especially children, with the chance to learn how to ski. But it’s more than that. The Lake Lotawana Water Ski Club helps lay the foundation for the children in our community. They learn how to work together, achieve goals, and be a part of a long-standing and meaningful tradition.

2013 was one of the Club’s most successful years yet. We taught 20 kids how to start off the dock. 
We had a wildly popular Pee Wee Program for our youngest members, giving them special, undivided attention.  The increased interest was great news, but also meant an increase in expenses – including fuel costs, 
insurance, equipment, jump maintenance and show expenses for Lake Lotawana Day.

The fee our families pay to participate in the club covers only a small portion of the expenses 
so we need your investment in the club to help cover the rest. In an effort to make the 2014 season our best one yet, the Lotawana Ski Club is putting together the 2nd Annual Community .01K.  
With the help of T-Bones, Canoe Club, and Captains Sports Lounge restaurants, we will be throwing one "grueling" run and community afternoon of fun on March 1.
 Race questions please email Kristine Holferty at [email protected]  
Lake Lotawana Ski Club is a not for profit organization; all donations are tax deductible.

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