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Dated: 12/22/2014

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Everyday on the news we hear more and more heartbreaking stories of unspeakable crimes against innocent people in our society.  As Realtors, we can be extremely vulnerable due to the nature of our jobs.  Over time it is easy to become too trusting and we might tend to take the suggested instructions for qualifying our buyers and sellers before we meet with them. 

This is true for everyone, be it small children, young college students and the elderly.

I found a list that we should all read and apply in our daily lives to ensure our safety and that of others.  Lets work together to remind each other daily that we do live in a truly beautiful world but it has its risks and BE SAFE! 

Safety Tips:Image title

  • Devise an effective, ongoing office security plan.

  • Learn who your prospect is and how to identify predators.

  • Create constant communication – make it known where you’ll be, when and with whom.

  • Hold a safe open house; not everyone’s here to buy.

  • Plan distress codes: green, yellow, and red are the good, the bad and the ugly!

  • Conduct personal marketing that does not make you a target.

  • Implement a buddy system– two heads are better than one.

  • Set up a dress code for safety and success.

  • Trust your intuition- it’s a person’s best friend.

  • Auto security and take predators “for a ride.”

  • Control your self-defense with Self-Offense.

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