Staging Your Home Making A Difference

Dated: 11/01/2013

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You will never get a second chance to bring that potential buyer back for a second look..if they are not impressed the first time around!
Why?  Because they couldn't see the potential your home has over the "stuff".. It is absolutely, necessary to de-clutter each room of your home.  Clear the counters off, organize the closets and the drawers. Replace and refresh the bathrooms with towels and shower curtains. Take the family photo album off the wall and replace with art work.   Replace any broken window blinds or shades.  Get rid of everything setting around that you do not need or use.  If need be, rent a storage unit to save your "stuff" in.  Set the table with place mats and your good dishes.  A flower arrangement or centerpiece of the season always brings a comment! 
Make sure each room serves the purpose it is intended for.  If it is a bedroom, get rid of the treadmill or exercise equipment.  Make it look like a nice clean spacious bedroom.  Make sure the toys are picked up and put in storage bins in the closet or out of the way.  Each room needs to say "Welcome Home.   Buyers do not want to bump their selves on your big overstuffed furniture that is way too big for your room.  If you are not sure what to do... Consult your Realtor and get her/his  ideas on how to stage your home.
Good Luck!
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