Why Are Buyers Agents Important When Buying A Home

Dated: 05/23/2014

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I have encountered many buyers that want to know if they should call  the listing agent, because they feel like they will get a better deal if they go directly to the agent that listed the home?
A sellers agent aka listing agent works for the Seller....hmmmmm doesn't that mean that their loyalty probably belongs to the seller.  I am not saying it is not ok to contact the listing agent and even buy from them, what I am saying is that with the listing agent you will most likely pay full price or a  higher price  than if you have your own representation with your own agent (buyers agent) that knows how to negotiate a good deal, and has your best interest at heart.  I love to get a good deal for my clients!

A buyers agent works hard for you....from start to finish.
We pull every listing  in your criteria and make sure you get the choices you need to find
your perfect home.  
We spend as many hours as it takes to show you homes.  Until we find the perfect one.
 We negotiate your offer.
 We make sure  you get inspections done in a timely manner.
We renegotiate if inspections aren't good
We make sure the Title co does their due diligence. And your new property has a clear title. 
We work hand in hand with your lender to make sure the transaction runs smooth.
We  Make sure the appraisal is done in a timely manner.
We make sure all your paperwork is correct. 
We Set up the closing appointment that coincides with your schedule.
We make sure the Title co calls with the correct closing costs.
We meet you at the closing table with your keys.
All because, we love what we do.  The rewards are not just monetary!
We build beautiful, lasting, lifetime relationships with our clients!
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